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Book Review: The Teacher by Freida McFadden

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Freida has done it again. I managed to get my hands on Freida McFadden’s upcoming new release the teachers through an ARC from Netgalley and I must say she is definitely a new fave of mine.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. McFadden’s writing style is very fluid, making it very easy to lose yourself in the pages. She does a great job of carefully balancing each character’s backstory with their present reality which allows for excellent character development. I found myself invested in each of the characters and wondering what would come of them. This read was thoroughly enjoyable and I was able to finish this in less than 2 days.

That being said, the subject matter can be a bit touchy, so I was grateful that she was able to strike a careful balance between telling us what happened without being downright graphic.

Now the parts that I wasn’t too fond of. I didn’t like the reveal in the end. I was first introduced to McFadden through her novel Never Lie, so the ending seemed a bit recycled. Also, it didn’t really make all that much sense to me. I find it hard to believe that Eve, one of the 3 POVs in this story, wouldn’t know who he was or wouldn’t have run across him throughout her day. Details within the story suggested that she didn’t, although I just don’t think it’s plausible that she wouldn’t have, given who he was in a relation to the school. This is just a bit of logic that didn’t quite fit the bill.

For that, I knocked off a star and I’m giving it four stars.