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Book Review: Your Dark Secret by Elle Marr

I just finished Your Dark Secret by Elle Marr and it was just okay. The bones of a good story were there, but the execution was lacking. Let’s start off with characters.

The Characters:
I found her characters to be a bit lackluster and hard to love. I simply did not care what happened to them. I started this book at the end of December, but took a 3 week break due to some vacation time. When it was time to get back to reading, I realized that I was in no rush to figure out what was going to happen to them.

I think the biggest issue is that when it came to the characters and their backstory, we were only told a little bit and were shown even less. For the main female character, she was very gung-ho about proving herself and getting to the top, but we never really got a lot of the why. I don’t usually mind having an unlikable character, but if that’s the route you’re going to take, I really need a proper villain origin story. What we did get as far as her backstory, just seemed very underwhelming.

That’s the same for the male character as well. His personality wasn’t necessarily that of a villain, so an origin story really isn’t necessary, but I would have liked to be shown more of his back story with his accompanying emotional narrative. Without that, I simply cannot connect with him either.

When it comes to the characters’ emotions, we were mostly told of the anger but not much else. I think it’s says something about how we connect with people. Anger is more of a secondary emotion and is usually born out of a deeper, more raw emotion like betrayal or hurt. I think for the main female character we never truly got the underlying emotion. we just got her anger and her desire to prove herself. we never actually got the rawness underneath and I think that is why it was so difficult to connect with not just her, but both of the characters.

The Plot:
The next issue I had was some of the plotting. I’m not a big fan of plot lines that end up being misdirects from the author. It’s one thing if the misdirect is intentional on the part of one of the characters, but when the author throws in misdirects that are left dangling, it really takes away from the story. I wish it would have been better tied into the overall plot in some sort of way. It just seemed to exist to fill up pages, rather than to actually lend some kind of credence to the story.

The Logic:
My last issue was the logic. As the story was concluding, their just seemed to be so much happening at the end and it felt a bit convoluted. It felt like there wasn’t enough of a motivation for the story to have gone the way that it did. I just needed more motivation to explain the actions of each character. I simply didn’t buy it.

Finally, what was that ending? I don’t think it was necessary. It almost felt like Marr was trying to not let the “bad guy” win. In my opinion, the character growth was enough to end the story.

As far as what I did like, Marr’s writing is very smooth, I had no trouble with reading through her writing style. This was not a difficult or distracting read in the least.

Overall, there was enough of a story here to where I didn’t DNF it. I just didn’t really enjoy it or find it intriguing. For that reason I give it three stars.